Turbocharge Your Phone Banking in <2 Minutes

TurboVPB is a free browser extension that speeds up calling and texting with EveryAction's OpenVPB, VAN, DNC VoteBuilder, and BlueVote.

Skip typing in phone numbers by hand. TurboVPB automatically sends contacts' details to your phone so you can call and text with just 2 clicks.

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Ready to use in <2 minutes ‐ no account or phone app needed.

Speed Up Your Calls in <2 Minutes

TurboVPB Features

  1. More Calls, Less Hassle - Enable organizers and volunteers to call without typing in phone numbers by hand.
  2. Fast Setup - Install and start calling in under 2 minutes.
  3. 2-Click Texting - Easily follow-up with contacts that do not answer the phone, or send links or more information after successful calls.

Calling from Google Voice

Calls with TurboVPB will use your phone number unless you use Google Voice or another similar calling app.

Once you have the Google Voice app installed on your phone:

  • On iOS: enable the "Long-Press to Call" mode with the switch on the bottom of the mobile page. Then, press and hold the call button until the menu opens. Select "Voice" to place the call with Google Voice.
  • On Android: (temporarily) set Google Voice as your default phone and messaging app by opening the Settings app and then going to Apps & Notifications > Advanced > Default Apps.

Note: If you prefer to call from Google Voice on your computer, you may want to use the Google Voice Extension instead of TurboVPB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you collect or store contact details?

No. Contact details are not collected or stored on any server. TurboVPB sends the details directly from your computer to your phone using a peer-to-peer communications technology called WebRTC. For more details on how TurboVPB works, see the source code repository: emschwartz/turbo-vpb.

Does EveryAction support the use of TurboVPB?

Not officially, but they mention TurboVPB in the "Officially Unsupported" features section of their documentation.

How is this different from VPB Connect?

TurboVPB is a free extension that speeds up calling primarily from the caller's own phone number. It also makes it easy to text contacts after calling them.

VPB Connect is a paid service from EveryAction that lets you call from phone numbers provided by VAN. You may want to consider using VPB Connect if you work with a campaign that needs to call from campaign numbers and is open to paying by the minute for calls.

Is there a catch?

Nope! I built this after getting tired of typing in phone numbers by hand while contacting volunteers for the Sunrise Movement and calling voters with SwingLeft. I hope it will help make phone banking a little more efficient for other organizations, campaigns, or individual volunteers.

Get In Touch

Want to talk about how your campaign or organization can use TurboVPB? Have feedback on the experience or ideas for how it could be improved?

Send me an email at: evan [at] turbovpb [dot] com